Caron Treatment Centers Adolescent Dining Commons

Located in Wernersville, PA, this new facility of 16,000 sq. ft. was completed in 2008 at a total cost of $3,100,000.

As the campus population grows, the logistics of feeding patients from a single dining facility while adhering to an age and gender-based separation treatment philosophy becomes increasingly difficult.

Complimenting the food services capabilities, this facility also provides group meeting spaces for Caron’s many extended care programs.  In addition, outdoor seating space on the Dining level adds a relaxed option to the overall dining experience.  Two separate dining “pods” wrapped in curtainwall allow for gender separate seating without compromising views.  The facility also incorporates a loading dock, dry goods, freezer and cooler storage, laundry facilities and a service elevator opening directly into the 2,255 sq. ft. kitchen.

This building is strategically located on south campus making it convenient for deliveries, visitors and patients.  Nestled into the sloped terrain, the building takes advantage of the elevation changes to allow grade level access to the Dining level and the lower meeting space level while offering a serene view of the North Campus from both levels.

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