Center for Urologic Care

The Center for Urologic Care of Berks County project consists of the complete architectural and engineering design, bidding and construction observation services for the building of the 15,000 square foot clinical space and the 5,000 square foot Ambulatory Surgery Center in the Spring Ridge Medical Center. This totally accessible space provides:

  • Patient exam (including pediatric exam) and consultation
  • Bio-feedback procedure and consultation areas.
  • Urology lab facilities along with comfortable patient waiting and
    checkout areas.
  • Private Doctor and staff offices, administrative areas and
    conference space was a concern, in addition to strategically
    located Nurse support stations.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art outpatient procedure facility with one type “A” Urodynamics Room, two type “B” Cysto Rooms, one type “C” Procedure Room and one Ultrasound procedure room. The ASC also contains all of the procedure support facilities, pre-op and post-op patient recovery areas, staff and patient change areas and surgical staff change areas.

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