Holy Name High School

Holy Name High School, now Berks Catholic, is a 105,000 square foot private high school that underwent a series of additions and renovations. After completing a Master Plan Study for the 25-acre campus in 1997, a multi-phase project was done for the future academic, athletic, and spiritual needs of the school.

Three additions were added to the school to expand its library, and computer facilities; add a new 900 seat auditorium; and provide new administration, chapel, and classroom areas. The renovations completely remodeled the existing science laboratories, classrooms, art room, physical education facilities, and food service areas. The renovations also provided new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety systems.

A new sports complex was constructed providing a new football and soccer stadium, five new tennis courts, and new baseball, softball and hockey fields. Additional parking was also provided.

This first phase was completed in 1999.

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